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At ETA Our Goal Is To Provide Law Enforcement Officers and Military Personnel With The Knowledge, Ability And Confidence Necessary To Excel At Their Chosen Career.  We Turn Officers Into Operators.


Law Enforcement and Military Tactical Applications

Law Enforcement and Military Patrol Applications

It has long been stated that the times are changing.  This holds true for law enforcement, military and private citizens alike.  Our society is more demanding than ever.  Tactical decision making is becoming more and more relevant on a day to day basis. 

As sworn law enforcement officers, military personnel or  law abiding citizens, you are faced daily with situations that could possibly change the rest of your life.  ETA has designed curriculums with time proven tactics and methods needed to survive the rigor of today’s societal demands.

Our team of experienced instructors offer professional instruction of skills and mindset, bestowing knowledge, ability and confidence needed to be your best.  With the assistance of Essential Tactical Advantage, you can step from ordinary to extraordinary.

Concealed carry class swat training firearms training in oxford

Concealed carry class SWAT training firearms training in oxford


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